That Café - Promotional Video

Independent Project by ewan tough

For this project I was eager to push my skills in a new direction and create a bold and exciting promotional video that stood out from the crowd whilst still successfully capturing the selling points of the brand. When I came across That Cafe, I saw their bright colour scheme and their dedication to providing sustainable packaging and realised that they would be a perfect fit for a paper cut-out animation. Wanting to give myself a challenge, I thought about how I could approach the concept from a different angle, eventually settling on the idea of recreating the stop-motion style using digital animation. Through experimenting and researching the cut-out animation style, I was able to produce an authentic recreation, with the digital animation giving it a slightly more refined appeal to present the cafe in a creative and captivating format.

Click here to visit the That Cafe website!

Screenshot 2019-03-21 at 21.40.12.png