Novo Wave On Tour

Last week the team embarked on a short but sweet two day trip to Berlin. Here we experienced the excitement of the film festival as well as the fascinating history and culture of the city. 

Day one: 

We started our day with the first part of our walking tour around the city, each taking it in turns to guide the tour and educate each other on different landmarks and museums - this varied from quizzes to interesting facts and statistics. This included the impressive Brandenburg Gate and Holocaust Memorial that was incredibly shocking and thought provoking. After this we visited the Museum of Film and Television that had a variety of interesting things to look at such as costumes, cameras and screening rooms. 

For lunch we got to experience the delicious street food stalls that are only present during the film festival. Available was a variety of mouth watering foods ranging from pizza to Mexican food to burgers.  

Our last stop of the day was the Salvador Dali museum, filled with many unique and intriguing pieces of surrealist art. I think this museum in particular really got us all thinking about different ways we could be even more creative within our projects. 

We then split off into groups for the evening to go and experience the fun that is the Berlin Film Festival. As a collective we got to see a variety of different films that we enjoyed tremendously. The one my group went to see was completely different from what we were expecting however it turned out to be a really great film. The concept was very intriguing and the way in which it was shot was really cinematic and beautiful leaving us all feeling very inspired. 


Day two: 

Our first stop of the day was the Checkpoint Charlie Museum named after the famous crossing point on the Berlin wall. As I love learning about history this was one of my favourite things we did whilst in Berlin. We then went to the Reichstag Building which is a parliament building with a long and captivating history. We had lots of fun walking up the spiral path inside the dome and once we’d walked all the way to the top we were met with an amazing view of the city.  

After lunch the next item on our agenda was the East Side Gallery, this consists of murals painted directly onto remnants of the Berlin Wall. This was another highlight of the trip as we were able to see so many different pieces of artwork that scaled such an important piece of history. The variety of art itself was truly something.  

Our final museum of the day was the Wall Museum, which presented an insight into the history of the city with a particular focus on the Berlin Wall, this too was extremely interesting. 

We spent our final evening making the most of the film festival and really enjoying the films we had been presented with the opportunity to see.  A great end to a fun trip!  

Overall I think it’s safe to say we all really enjoyed Berlin, we got to learn about the interesting history of the city as well as experience the film festival, which is something none of us had ever done before! The city itself was so vibrant and exciting that I feel as though it’s sparked a new lease of creativity into us all. Berlin is a beautiful city and one that I would definitely love to return to in the future.  


Written by Jade Eagle