Comical Therapy

I love nothing more than British comedy. My all-time favourites include Gavin and Stacey, Friday Night Dinner and The Young Ones. Yet Hang Ups is a comedy like no other. It is innovative, laugh out loud funny and has a cast that will make your jaw drop. 

Stephen Mangan stars as Richard Pitt, a therapist, who after the collapse of his previous group therapy practice develops a new form of therapy - quick-fire sessions with his patients through a webcam.

The patients on his list (including David Tennant, Sarah Hadland and Monica Dolan) present him with hilarious and outrageous problems that Richard quickly attempts to resolve. But this isn’t his greatest challenge. His everyday mentality, patience and temperament are stretched immensely by interruptions from all the teenagers that reside in his flash London house. His own troubled past, father and high-flying wife Karen also affect him considerably. He has his own therapist (Richard E. Grant) who is calm yet completely out of the box to make efforts to fix this. 

It is the distinct visual style that make the loosely based remake of the American show Web Therapy its trademark. Like Peep Show it employs a point of view effect which involves characters looking directly into the camera. In this instance it is to replicate the webcam on a computer. To create continuity of the use of different perspectives, you see the use of FaceTime, CCTV, and Go-Pros. This is like no other TV show as it has a more immersive perspective with a current attitude to technology that we all relate to.  

Personally, from watching the Channel 4 series I would love for it to have many more seasons and I think it will definitely win a BAFTA due to all the talent involved. All 6 episodes are available on All 4 to binge watch at your pleasure. I will be watching them all over again