Our Norfolk Coast

Client: The Norfolk Coast Partnership


A short documentary film exploring the stories of four individuals living on the Norfolk Coast, as well as their unique connections to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

When the Norfolk Coast Partnership approached us to make a documentary for them, we realised that everyone we knew seemed to have some form of connection with the area. We wanted to capture a selection of these connections in a way that felt authentic and personal in order to allow us to convey the passion felt by those living on the Norfolk Coast as well as the unique beauty of the area. In order to do this, we spent several days with four individuals in their homes and the surrounding areas, allowing us to capture a vibrant and personal representation of their connection to the Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty.

The film was screened at a special 50th anniversary celebration event held by the Norfolk Coast Partnership before later being used to launch their YouTube channel. In addition to this, the film has also been submitted to several film festivals.