We’re extremely proud to announce that we’ve recently collaborated with Norwich Science Festival, creating Slice of Science, an as-live television show to be used with the intention of encouraging young people to engage with scientific material.

Inspired by the energetic and informal nature of programmes such as The Big Breakfast, Wayne’s World and The Young Ones, we constructed a talk-show with a twist. Set in a stereotypical student flat, Slice of Science sees two enthusiastic students interview a variety of Norwich Science Festival guests, take part in demonstrations and conduct their own scientific experiments.

Slice of Science has been distributed via social media, reaching the target demographic effectively. Norwich Science Festival promoted the show, using it to advertise their event which ran at The Forum from 19th to 27th October.

This was a fantastic opportunity for our team, having never before worked in a high-pressure, live environment. We’ve all thoroughly enjoyed this project; seeing Slice of Science take form from conception to completion, in just 3 weeks, has been incredibly rewarding. We’re so excited to be able to share the final product with you.