CCN Journey

This project involved creating a series of short videos as a part of City College Norwich’s ‘CCN Journey’ campaign. For this, we produced a 30-second video advertisement to showcase the range of opportunities on offer at the college, as well as seven short interview clips exploring the journeys of individual students in different subject areas at the college. Through using fast-paced editing and fluid camera movements, we were able to create an engaging and exciting representation of the college and the range of opportunities it offers students.

Each video was distributed widely across the college’s social media presence, with subtitled versions of each video being produced in order to allow a wider audience to be impacted by the campaign.

With the entire project being completed from start to finish in just one week, this was a project each member of the team was crucial part of. Working with City College Norwich was an excellent opportunity, and we’re extremely proud of the work we did for them.